Resort charges $14,500 for dessert (AP) - AP - This dessert may be a little too rich for you, but you're probably not rich enough for it. A Sri Lankan resort is charging $14,500 for what it calls the world's most expensive dessert, a fruit infused confection complete with a chocolate sculpture and a gigantic gemstone.

British speeder is clocked at 172 mph (AP) - AP - The fastest driver ever convicted of speeding in Britain was jailed for 10 weeks Monday after he was clocked at 172 mph in his company's Porsche.

New service eavesdrops on Internet calls (AP) - AP - A startup has come up with a new way to make money from phone calls connected via the Internet: having software listen to the calls, then displaying ads on the callers' computer screens based on what's being talked about.

Founder of Planters Peanuts honored (AP) - AP - An Italian immigrant who grew his fresh-roasted peanut business from a small pushcart into a worldwide corporate behemoth has been recognized with a state historical marker.

'Eater X' wins burrito-eating contest (AP) - AP - A day trader and aspiring pizza chef known as "Eater X" munched through 10 3/4 burritos in a dozen minutes Saturday to win what was billed as the world burrito-eating championship.

Man kills road worker over damaged wheel (Reuters) - Reuters - An irate driver shot dead a Moscow road worker and injured a second after a wheel on his Mercedes car was damaged on a city street early Sunday, Interfax news agency reported.

Forbidden City coffee shop replaces Starbucks (Reuters) - Reuters - A coffee shop has opened at the heart of the Forbidden City, the former Chinese imperial palace, replacing a controversial Starbucks cafe that was forced out by public protest.

Fashion chain Zara withdraws swastika handbag (Reuters) - Reuters - Spanish fashion chain Zara has withdrawn a handbag from its stores after a customer in Britain complained swastikas were embroidered on it.

Batman's arrival ruffles HK politicians: report (Reuters) - Reuters - The arrival of Batman in Hong Kong this November for filming of the latest Hollywood sequel has ruffled local politicians who say the masked hero could disrupt traffic and cause noise pollution, reports said Friday.

Headless corpses raise ritual killing fear (Reuters) - Reuters - Six grisly murders in Togo in which the victims were decapitated and drained of their blood have raised fears of a resurgence of ritual killings ahead of parliamentary elections in the West African state next month.

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