5 Tips on Choosing a Mortgage - Availing a mortgage can be confusing as there are so many options available today. It is important to make an informed choice as any mortgage is not a “one day” matter. It will remain with you for a long time at least 5-10 or more years.

Mortgage Bankers Taking A Hit! - Recover from lost income, things I’ve learned from internet marketing and life in general. Do’s & Don’ts.Positive attitude.

ARMs to Fixed – Convert your mortgages now. - Try converting your ARMs to Fixed rate mortgages

Refinance or use home equity for a Reverse mortgage? - If you are old enough to qualify for a reverse mortgage, better go for it instead of taking out a refinance loan. However, you can also look out for a home equity line of credit as an alternative option.

Foreclosures: Tips and Warnings - The reason for a home foreclosure is due to a default in payments.

Twin Cities-Minnesota Mortgag Market In Crisis - Foreclosures and mortgage company failures are rampant today. The focus of most news has been on the duped consumer as a victim. This approach has led to over legislation which actually will cause the real estate market to worsen. The fallout has caused two major economic drivers of our economy to falter-real estate and mortgages. Solutions vary-but should be free market driven.

Power Tools of Savvy Homeowners (by David Newby) - For centuries, the prevailing wisdom regarding your home mortgage has been to “pay it off as soon as possible.” With 9 out of 10 Americans retiring broke in the richest country on Earth, it may be time to rethink that strategy. In this article David Newby talks about 3 reasons you should consider mortgaging your house to the hilt if you want to have a comfortable retirement.

Mortgage Financing and Adjustable Rate Mortgages - The main attraction of adjustable rate mortgage financing is that it is cheaper than fixed rate financing for the same size mortgage. This mean lower monthly payments and larger loan amounts for borrowers.

Second Mortgage: Better Source Of Needed Cash - A second mortgage is a good way to pay for big-ticket items like home improvements, a college education, or debt consolidation. It has several advantages over other forms of credit:

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