Travelers ask to see Craig bathroom (AP) - AP - When tourists ask for the bathroom in the Minneapolis airport lately, it's usually not because they have to go.

Venezuela claims big soup record (AP) - AP - Venezuelan officials claimed a world record Saturday for making the largest pot of soup, a giant cauldron of stew prepared by President Hugo Chavez's government.

Woman, 100, rides in motorcycle sidecar (AP) - AP - You might say she was born to be wild a century ago.

Corn maze bears President Ford likeness (AP) - AP - It's a corny tribute to the late Gerald Ford and it can be fully appreciated only from the air.

No water to douse fire of Albania's loss to Dutch (Reuters) - Reuters - An Albanian fishmonger set fire to hisvan in a burst of anger after the national football team lostto the visiting Dutch side, and firefighters failed toextinguish the blaze because someone had stolen their water.

Firefighters save donkey trapped in well (AP) - AP - A donkey is happily eating grass again after falling down a dry, abandoned well and being freed in an intensive rescue effort. It appeared that the animal wandered away from its farm and onto some boards covering the well, which broke, said Bruce Huseth, fire chief in this western Minnesota town.

Unemployed Man Travels 1500 Miles On His Mule In Search Of A Job - Rod Maday claims to have traveled 45 days in the summer heat from his home town of Boy River, Minnesota to Gillette, Wyoming on his 4-year-old mule. Maday was having a hard time finding work in Minnesota. He heard that Wyoming had plenty of jobs that paid well.Original news source

Cereal-eating driver cited in 3-car collision - Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's definitely not this important.Original news source

Woman fired for being a stinky smoker - The Denton Independent School District has removed an employee from her position because she smells like cigarette smoke.Original news source

Police Find Live Chicken in Wisconsin Man's Trunk at Traffic Stop - Sheboygan police got a surprise after they stunned a man during a traffic stop: They opened his trunk and found a live chicken.The man told the officers he got the fowl from a local fast food restaurant, police Capt. James Tetzlaff said.Original news source

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