Call him cuckoo -- Chavez changes time in Venezuela (Reuters) - Reuters - President Hugo Chavez wants Venezuelanclocks turned back half an hour and he wants it done in recordtime -- next Monday.

Man hides sex toys in sausage for Dubai trip (Reuters) - Reuters - Staff at a German butcher's shop wereshocked to discover a customer had hidden two sex toys in theirsausages for transport to Dubai, police said on Wednesday.

Stick up? Aussie burglar prefers sex games to loot (Reuters) - Reuters - It was a stick up of a different kindfor one Australian burglar, who broke into a neighbour's houseand played sex games in the bathroom with a bottle of toiletdetergent and a vacuum cleaner.

USSR alive and kicking on the Internet (Reuters) - Reuters - Russian Internet enthusiasts are lockedin a tussle with an international body over a relic of theSoviet past -- the .su domain name assigned to the country justbefore the Soviet Union collapsed.

Bored naked man tries to rob Pa. store (AP) - AP - Authorities said a man wearing nothing but a hat tried to rob a convenience store in Carbondale. Police say the 24-year-old man charged in last month's robbery attempt often stands naked in front of the window of his apartment.

Peruvians get sick from apparent meteorite crater (Reuters) - Reuters - Dozens of people living in a Peruvian townnear Lake Titicaca reported vomiting and headaches after theywent to look at a crater apparently left by a meteorite thatcrashed down over the weekend, health officials said onTuesday.

Bear seeking treats bites boy in tent (AP) - AP - The state Game Commission is setting traps in Hickory Run State Park after a bear bit a 12-year-old camping with his Boy Scout troop.

Australia will fund world's longest golf course (Reuters) - Reuters - Plans to build the world's longestgolf course, across 1,200 km (750 miles) of treeless desert,received a welcome boost on Wednesday when the Australiangovernment offered seed funding for the venture.

'Queenie' the errant Cow corralled in NY (AP) - AP - An errant cow is headed for greener pastures after being corralled by police following a two-mile chase through the streets of Queens.

Lesbian couple who wanted baby sue over having twins (Reuters) - Reuters - A lesbian couple in Australia aresuing their doctor after they had twin girls from an in vitrofertilisation (IVF) procedure when they only wanted one child.

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