Police: Man beheads tame hotel duck (AP) - AP - A man was in custody Sunday after police said he ripped the head off a tame duck that lived in a hotel lobby's ornamental pond.

Father finds son dead in vat of acid (AP) - AP - An 18-year-old fell into a vat of sulfuric acid and died after apparently being overcome by fumes, police said. His body was discovered by his father Sunday at a circuit board factory where they both worked.

Cubs fans name baby boy Wrigley Fields (AP) - AP - His parents say he can go by his middle name when he's old enough to decide.

Glamorous Bavarian wants law to allow 7-year itch (Reuters) - Reuters - Bavaria's most glamorous politician -- a flame-haired motorcyclist who helped bring down state premier Edmund Stoiber -- has shocked the Catholic state in Germany by suggesting marriage should last just 7 years.

Heavyweights panic as woman dives for sumo ring (Reuters) - Reuters - A woman invaded a sumo ring -- a sacred arena from which females are banned -- in Tokyo during a major tournament, domestic media said on Thursday, then was pulled down by a referee and one of the sport's huge wrestlers.

Red lights dim in brothel district (Reuters) - Reuters - About a third of Amsterdam's red-lit windows for prostitutes will disappear from the city center as one of the main brothel owners is set to sell his empire to a real estate company.

Human ancestor had mix of primitive, modern traits (Reuters) - Reuters - The earliest-known human ancestors to migrate out of Africa possessed a surprising mix of human-like and primitive features, according to scientists who studied remains dug up at a fossil-rich site in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

U.S. military cemetery running out of space (Reuters) - Reuters - A Kansas military cemetery has run out of space after two burials in the last week, including that of an Iraq war casualty, officials said on Thursday.

Malaysia cops sacked for taking second wife (Reuters) - Reuters - One policeman in mainly MuslimMalaysia has been sacked and another demoted -- both for takinga second wife.

Batman's arrival ruffles politicians (Reuters) - Reuters - The arrival of Batman in Hong Kongthis November for filming of the latest Hollywood sequel hasruffled local politicians who say the masked hero could disrupttraffic and cause noise pollution, reports said on Friday.

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