"Hey beautiful...the back door's open" (Reuters) - Reuters - The wife of former Australian cricketchampion Shane Warne says their marriage reconciliation is overafter he mistakenly sent her an incriminating text message.

Chavez rails at teen-age breast implants gift fad (Reuters) - Reuters - President Hugo Chavez railed against anew trend in beauty-conscious Venezuela, giving girls breastimplants for their 15th birthday.

Dutch deploy robust ambulances for heavy patients (Reuters) - Reuters - New robust ambulances are beingintroduced to hoist heavy patients in the northern part of theNetherlands, Dutch news agency ANP-Reuters said on Monday.

Street falls into hole in Zagreb, dozens homeless (Reuters) - Reuters - A small street in a residential districtof the Croatian capital collapsed into an underground buildingsite, turning dozens of shocked citizens into homelessrefugees, Zagreb police said on Monday.

Sweet pickles spark anthrax scare (Reuters) - Reuters - A Malaysian diplomat hasapologised to the Iraqi government after he mistook a box ofsweet pickles sent to him as Ramadan gift for anthrax powder, anewspaper said on Saturday.

'God' gets an attorney in lawsuit (AP) - AP - The mystery of one response to a lawsuit against God has been solved. Eric Perkins, an attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas, said Friday he filed a response to the lawsuit from Nebraska State Sen. Ernie Chambers. "It's kind of a turn on 'What would Jesus do?'" Perkins said. "I thought to myself, "what would God say?"

Judge reprimanded for swearing during trial (Reuters) - Reuters - A senior Canadian judge has beenformally reprimanded for swearing during a courtroom clash witha prosecutor earlier this year, officials said on Friday.

Town says teen can't keep pet rooster (AP) - AP - Melissa Hensler got a "Most Unusual Pet" prize from her township two years ago for her pet rooster but now the same township says the bird is a farm animal in a residential area and it's got to go.

Policemen sacked and demoted for taking second wife (Reuters) - Reuters - One policeman in mainly MuslimMalaysia has been sacked and another demoted -- both for takinga second wife.

SoCal man charged with smuggling iguanas (AP) - AP - A man accused of stealing three endangered iguanas from a nature preserve in Fiji and smuggling them into the United States in his prosthetic leg has been indicted.

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